The Mystery of Jacintha Magsaysay

The Mystery of Jacintha Magsaysay: Unraveling the Truth Behind La Luna Sangre’s Enigmatic Character

La Luna Sangre is a captivating Filipino fantasy-horror drama that aired on ABS-CBN from June 19, 2017, to March 2, 2018. The story revolves around Malia, a young girl living with her parents, who discovers her extraordinary destiny: to confront and eliminate a formidable vampire. In preparation for her epic battle, Malia undergoes rigorous training, honing her skills to become a powerful force against the undead.

The Mystery of Jacintha Magsaysay

Within the gripping struggle between LLU and the Moonchasers against the evil vampires, a long-believed dead face reemerges in the form of Jacintha Magsaysay. Her entrance into the story presents a mysterious doppelganger of Lia Ortega-Rodriguez, sparking intrigue and raising questions about her true identity. As the events unfold in La Luna Sangre, Jacintha’s role becomes pivotal in the fight against Supremo. Let’s delve into the enigmatic character of Jacintha Magsaysay and explore the theories surrounding her true nature.

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Jacintha’s Grand Entry

Jacintha Magsaysay’s arrival adds complexity to the narrative as she appears to be a doppelganger of Lia Ortega-Rodriguez. Gilbert Imperial, also known as Supremo or Sandrino, meets Jacintha during his visit to Jakarta, Indonesia, where he seeks her assistance as his Political Strategist for his presidential campaign. Her connection to Lia and her mysterious aura catch Gilbert’s attention, making her a valuable asset in his quest for power.

Jacintha’s Journey

Graduating from university, Jacintha lands a job with a campaign company, eventually becoming the campaign strategist for an Indonesian presidential candidate. Her brilliance and skills lead to her employment as a personal strategist for the current president of Indonesia. Bill Mejia, her former university professor, later recruits her to join his Public Relations firm, setting the stage for her involvement in high-stakes political maneuvers.

Unveiling Jacintha’s Secret Mission

Beneath her glamorous facade, Jacintha is secretly working with Samantha Imperial, the sister of Supremo, to create distractions that hinder Supremo’s malevolent schemes. Her purpose is to pave the way for Malia to defeat Supremo and put an end to his reign of terror. Jacintha’s involvement culminates in her becoming the elusive “Woman in Red,” who attempts to assassinate Supremo on multiple occasions and thwart his minions.

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Jacintha’s Mystical Powers

Jacintha’s skills and powers become more evident as she confronts Sandrino’s adoptive mother and Seer, Barang, in a fierce battle. The confrontation displays her supernatural abilities and the depths of her combat prowess. Her involvement raises questions about her true identity and her connection to Lia, with Barang expressing astonishment before her demise, suggesting that Jacintha is not Lia.

The Revelation and the Founder of Moonchasers

With Samantha’s death, Jacintha reveals herself to Prof T as the true founder of Moonchasers. Her partnership with Samantha to establish Moonchasers sheds light on her deep involvement in the battle against Supremo. Prof T, the headmaster of Moonchasers, now works according to her orders, showcasing her influence in the organization.

Jacintha’s Training of Malia

While Jacintha’s mission is to aid Malia in defeating Supremo, her efforts involve helping Malia unlock her full powers. Through intense training and guidance, Jacintha prepares Malia for the inevitable confrontation with Supremo. The two share a unique bond, and Jacintha’s mystical abilities further enhance Malia’s combat skills.

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Tragedy and Sacrifice

As Jacintha’s involvement deepens, she faces a tragic decision regarding Tristan. With the looming threat of him transforming into a vampire, she takes the heart-wrenching step of preventing the transformation by k!lling him. This sacrifice devastates Malia, but Jacintha’s unwavering dedication to her mission drives her to face even greater challenges.

The Woman in Red and the Mysterious Disappearance

Jacintha’s final moments involve a climactic battle with Supremo during the full moon, where she uses her skills to fight alongside Malia and Tristan. However, her encounter with Supremo’s clone results in her becoming severely weakened by the vampire toxin. Despite the ordeal, Jacintha’s true intentions are called into question, leaving a lasting enigma surrounding her identity.

Theories about Jacintha’s True Identity

Numerous theories circulate about Jacintha’s true identity, with some suggesting she might be the future version of Malia. However, this notion is challenged by various plot points, such as Jacintha’s inability to prevent Tristan’s transformation and her distinct character traits.

Another theory speculates that Jacintha could be Lia’s twin, but this is debunked by the established gender transformation rules in La Luna Sangre.

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A compelling theory suggests that Jacintha could be a mysterious figure who assumed the identity of the deceased Jacintha Magsaysay, using hypnotic abilities to deceive those around her. Her involvement with Moonchasers and her intimate knowledge of Sandrino and Tristan hint at a deeper connection to the story’s events.


In conclusion, Jacintha Magsaysay remains a captivating enigma in the world of La Luna Sangre. Her role as a time traveler and her mission to aid Malia in defeating Supremo add layers of complexity to the narrative. While theories surrounding her true identity abound, the truth remains elusive, leaving viewers in suspense as the battle between light and darkness unfolds.

Credit: Kemphi Novelas ~ The Mystery of Jacintha Magsaysay

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