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Article 247 Full Story Summary, Episodes, Plot

Article 247 Full Story Summary Article 247 Full Episodes Article 247 Full Cast"Article 247", also known as "Artikulo 247," is a captivat

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  • Article 247 Full Story Summary
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“Article 247”, also known as “Artikulo 247,” is a captivating story that delves into the intertwined lives of two young women, Jane Ortega and Klaire Almazan, whose family histories have a profound impact on their destinies.

Article 247 Full Story Summary, Episodes, Cast

In this tale of love, career pursuits, and dark secrets, we witness the dramatic twists and turns that shape their lives and test their resilience.

As the story unfolds, the characters find themselves entangled in a web of deceit, infidelity, and ultimate redemption.

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Love and Betrayal

Klaire Almazan, married to Alfred Gomez, sees her relationship facing challenges when Jane Ortega joins Alfred’s accounting firm.

Jane, aspiring to be an accountant like her late father, soon discovers the painful truth of her own existence – that she is a product of her mother’s infidelity, which had torn her father away from his legal wife.

This revelation sets the stage for a battle with a twisted fate that will shape Jane’s life.

A Twisted Web

In a surprising turn of events, Jane uncovers Klaire’s affair with Julian Pineda, her boyfriend. Alfred, who had overheard his wife preventing Jane from revealing the truth, gathers evidence of Klaire’s infidelity.

He confronts her and dismisses her from their home, embarking on a business trip with Jane and some colleagues.

The trip takes a dramatic turn when Klaire catches them in a compromising situation, leading to a violent confrontation.

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The Trial and Its Consequences

As the court case unfolds, Klaire is charged with her husband’s murder. The defense argues that her actions were deeply rooted in the revised penal code, Article 247, which provides certain provisions for acts committed in defense of honor.

Klaire is ultimately acquitted of the murder charge but receives a punishment of destierro, banishing her from Manila for three years and four months.

Uncovering the Truth

While Klaire goes into hiding, a year later, Jane’s life intersects with that of Carmen Villarama, who bears a striking resemblance to Klaire.

Determined to uncover the truth, Jane begins investigating Carmen, leading her to startling discoveries about Carmen’s true identity and the events surrounding Alfred’s murder.

Jane’s allegations create tension within the Borromeo family, especially with Noah, her boyfriend, and his mother, Sarah.

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The Final Confrontation

Rose Ortega, Jane’s mother, and Carmen rally against Jane’s investigation, shielding Carmen from the truth. Jane, convinced of the distinct personalities of Carmen and Klaire, must navigate the complexities of her past while building a new life with Noah.

However, Carmen sees an opportunity to use Jane’s past as a mistress to drive a wedge between her and Noah, orchestrating a series of unfortunate events to ruin Jane’s chances of being accepted into the Borromeo family.

A Revelation and Redemption

As Jane’s life unravels, she resolutely resumes her pursuit of the truth, uncovering Carmen’s true nature. Meanwhile, Elijah, Noah’s brother, also realizes Carmen’s infidelity and the extent of her deception.

This revelation confirms Jane’s previous allegations against Carmen and leads to a tragic end for Elijah. As the story reaches its climax, the power of Article 247 resurfaces, revealing the bitter past that shaped Klaire and Julian’s actions.

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Justice Served

With the revelation of Klaire’s malicious intentions and the loss of Sarah’s second son, Sarah mobilizes her resources to expose Carmen/Klaire in court.

Jane, who is falsely accused of having an illicit affair with Elijah, proves her innocence. Klaire is finally found guilty of parricide and receives a sentence of reclusión perpetua.

However, fate takes an unexpected turn as Klaire manages to escape once again, leaving Jane to face an uncertain future.


As the Borromeos and Ortegas celebrate their victories, Jane is left to grapple with the knowledge that her mortal enemy remains at large.

The intricate tapestry of love, betrayal, and fate that unfolds in “Article 247” captivates readers, highlighting the enduring strength of the human spirit and the pursuit of justice and redemption in the face of life’s darkest secrets.

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