Ruby Ring Full Story Summary and Plot

Ruby Ring Story Summary and Plot

  • Ruby Ring: A Tale of Twisted Identities and Sisterly Betrayal

In this article I am going to discuss with you ‘Ruby Ring Full Story Summary and Plot’. If you want to know the full story, read to the end.

Ruby Ring Story Summary and Plot

“Ruby Ring” is a compelling story adapted from a beloved Korean series, weaving a gripping narrative of two sisters, Anna and Yana, whose destinies are forever altered by a fateful accident. As their lives intertwine in unforeseen ways, the sisters find themselves immersed in a web of deception, envy, and ambition.

The Sisters’ Divergent Paths

Anna, on the cusp of marrying the love of her life, embraces the joy of her impending nuptials. Meanwhile, Yana dreams of becoming a renowned TV host, diligently working towards her goal. The two sisters, each with their unique personalities and aspirations, head towards Kiev, unaware of the dramatic turn that awaits them.

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The Fateful Accident

Tragedy strikes when the sisters’ car collides with a truck, leaving them in a coma with their faces mutilated. Despite bleak prognoses, both sisters miraculously survive. However, fate has a cruel twist in store for them. At the time of the accident, Yana was wearing Anna’s precious ruby ring, a gift from her fiancé.

Identity Confusion

The serious injuries and disfigured faces make it impossible for doctors and relatives to differentiate between Yana and Anna. The ruby ring becomes a crucial element blurring the sisters’ identities. Yana, wearing the ring, is mistakenly assumed to be Anna, setting the stage for a treacherous deception.

Envy and Ambition Unleashed

Upon her recovery, envious and ambitious Yana seizes an opportunity to take advantage of the mistaken identity. Everyone around her believes she is Anna, and she chooses to perpetuate the lie. Driven by jealousy and the belief that Anna may never recover, Yana decides to claim her sister’s life, including her face, the man she loves, and her entire existence.

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Sibling Rivalry Intensifies

Yana’s conscience is appeased by the justification that her sister has suffered more, lying in a coma while she reaps the rewards of her sister’s life. She plays the role of sweet and kindhearted Anna, cunningly usurping everything her sister once cherished.

However, Anna defies all odds and emerges from the brink of death, sparking a fierce confrontation between the sisters. Fueled by genuine hatred, Anna seeks revenge against her treacherous sibling, determined to reclaim what rightfully belongs to her.

Unraveling a Rapid and Unpredictable Plot

The story unfolds with a rapid and unpredictable plot, as the sisters engage in a high-stakes battle of wits and emotions. Yana, masquerading as Anna, fights fiercely to protect the happiness she has stolen. Anna, fueled by righteous anger, yearns to regain her identity and the love she lost.

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Redemption or Destruction?

The sisters teeter on the edge of an abyss, their intertwined destinies threatening to destroy each other. As the conflict escalates, will they find a way to stop the cycle of betrayal and deception? Can they reconcile and return to their true selves, restoring love and identity that was stolen away?

What happened in the final episode of Ruby Ring?


“Ruby Ring” delves deep into the intricacies of sisterhood, envy, and the consequences of deception. As Anna and Yana grapple with their mistaken identities, the plot takes unexpected twists, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. The story challenges notions of redemption and forgiveness as the sisters navigate a tumultuous journey to find their true selves and the love that binds them.

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