Law of Revenge Ending Explained

The Law of Revenge Ending Explained

  • Law of Revenge Ending Explained

At the beginning of this gripping drama, we are introduced to Marissa, whose life is overshadowed by an overwhelming sense of envy towards her best friend, Ellice, and her opulent lifestyle. As the narrative unfolds, Marissa’s deep-seated envy drives her to make a life-altering decision when a fateful incident occurs.

When Ellice finds herself in a situation where she must defend herself against an assailant, tragedy strikes. In a twist of fate, Marissa seizes an opportunity to trade her personal freedom for a substantial sum of money. In a harrowing turn of events, she accepts responsibility for the assailant’s demise, taking on the weight of the crime upon herself.

The Law of Revenge Ending Explained

Kemphi Novelas brings you the summary of the Law of Revenge Ending Explained fully. What happened at the end of Law of Revenge? Find out what happened at the end of the finale episode of the Law of Revenge, read till the end.

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Hope and Jake’s Escape

Hope and Jake found refuge in the forest with the help of an old woman. After being discovered by the police, they were forced to flee, but the old woman came to their rescue, saving them from Cesar’s henchman.

Marissa and Ellice’s Ongoing Conflict

While in hiding, Hope and Jake’s family continued to search for them. Marissa and Ellice’s rivalry escalated as they fought over Cenidoza. Ellice decided to file a case against Marissa for espionage.

Belen’s Revelation

Belen learned about the spy Marissa had hired and shared this information with Ellice. They persuaded the spy to testify against Marissa in court, offering her the financial support she needed for her family. However, their deceitful testimony led to Ellice losing the case.

Madam Adelina’s Demise

Madam Adelina’s health deteriorated, and on her deathbed, she demanded that Marissa kill Ellice to repay her debt. Marissa refused, realizing she didn’t want to live consumed by anger and vengeance. Marissa mourned Madam Adelina’s death alone.


Marissa’s Manipulation and Cesar’s Pursuit

Marissa attempted to turn Cesar against Belen by accusing her of working with organization leaders behind his back. However, Cesar remained focused on seeking revenge on Ellice and Marissa. He discovered Hope and Jake’s location through Hope’s best friend, leading to a confrontation.

The Tragic Confrontation

Cesar arrived at the old woman’s house, but Hope and Jake had already fled. Enraged, Cesar shot the old woman, and shortly after, Gabriel and Avel arrived. Avel realized that Cesar was responsible for killing his parents, and tensions rose as they pursued him.

Hope’s Escape and Tragic Outcome

Hope and Jake managed to get a ride, but Cesar chased after them, firing his weapon. Gabriel and Avel attempted to block Cesar’s car, leading to a chaotic encounter. Jake selflessly sacrificed himself, throwing Hope out of the car, but he was hit by an oncoming truck.

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Aftermath and Revelations

Ellice and Marissa rushed to the hospital to see the injured Hope and Jake. Jake underwent surgery, while Hope suffered minor injuries. Learning about Ellice’s involvement in Jacob’s death, Ellice’s relationship with Hope turned strained. Gabriel discovered he was not Jake’s biological father, leading to a rift between him and Ellice.

Reconciliation and Redemption

Gabriel and Hope eventually decided to support Ellice, recognizing that Belen had manipulated her and stolen money from Cenidoza. Belen fled, and Ellice expressed her desire to reconcile their families.

Cesar’s Final Attempt

Cesar tried to deceive Marissa, but Avel protected her and alerted the police. Although Cesar managed to escape from prison, Ellice agreed to hide him. In a sinister plot, Cesar attempted to kill Marissa, but Hope managed to escape his grasp. Cesar then aimed his gun at Ellice, and Marissa heroically took the bullet. Avel shot and killed Cesar.

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Healing and Closure

Marissa survived the surgery, and Ellice confessed to her crimes. Gabriel and Hope stood by Marissa’s side, vowing to wait for her release from prison. Belen’s attempt to escape was foiled, and she was arrested.

In the end, Avel professed his love to Marissa, and they got married. Marissa returned all the shares she had acquired from Cenidoza. Eight years later, Ellice was released from prison, and she and Marissa decided to take time to rebuild their friendship, acknowledging the tumultuous past they shared.

Credit: Kemphi Novelas | Law of Revenge Ending Explained

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